NORRC Events


For 2021, the National Open Road Racing Championship (NORRC) Series includes official timing and scoring results from the following Open Road Racing (ORR) events: Nevada Open Road Challenge (NORC), Loup2Loup Open Road Challenge (L2L), Sandhills Open Road Challenge (SORC), and Silver State Classic Challenge (SSCC).

We participate in and fully support these four ORR events annually. We encourage everyone who enjoys racing, or competitive driving events of any kind, to join us in the sport of Open Road Racing. It’s the ultimate in time, speed, and distance racing.

For information about the ORR events the NORRC Series officially supports, and to inquire about entering an ORR, to view rules, entry fees, and more, please visit the following individual event sites:

Nevada Open Road Challenge (NORC)

May 16th 2021

Loup2Loup Open Road Challenge (L2L)

August 12th 2021

Sandhills Open Road Challenge (SORC)

August 14th 2021

Silver State Classic Challenge (SSCC)

September 19th 2021

For information about the NORRC Series, or questions about the sport of Open Road Racing, please reach out to us via our interact page to begin a conversation.