2021 Scoring


From 2016 – 2019, the National Open Road Racing Championship (NORRC) Series awarded two official Open Road Racing (ORR) series titles following the conclusion of each season. Our overall National Open Road Racing Champion title was awarded to the racer who achieved the lowest cumulative combined time in all four ORR events in a single season, regardless of division or class entered in each event. Our Best 3 of 4 title winner was for those who competed in and received an official timing score in 3 of 4 ORR events per season.

2020 threw the world of motorsports a curve ball, and the NORRC Series was no exception. Ultimately, we decided to award one overall National Championship title to the driver who turned in the lowest cumulative combined time from the only two ORR events held during the season, the SORC and L2L races in Nebraska.

In an innovative effort to help our sport move forward, adding more events to our race schedule, while continuing to make our series available to a wider range of racers desiring to compete for a national title, we have decided to make some exciting new changes to our NORRC Series title scoring format moving forward.

Beginning with the 2021 season, the NORRC Series will be awarding only one National Championship title. The National Championship title will go to the racer who achieves the lowest cumulative combined time variance across at least three of five ORR events in a single season, regardless of division or speed class entered in each race event.

The NORRC Series National Championship title must still be earned by competing in timed classes, but now from only three ORR events (versus four in the past). Every competitor must also drive at least one leg in each event of the three ORRs they wish to apply time variance scores from to compete for the National Championship title.

In perhaps the biggest game changer for the 2021 season, the NORRC Series will now allow up to two scores from any of the five ORR events on the schedule to be dropped from each competitors overall season time variance for National Championship title scoring. The dropped scores may include any DNF, DNS, DQ, or UNL in up to two of the current five ORR events.

This change will allow racers who wish to run Unlimited in one or two races per season to still be able to compete on timed class runs from any other three events on the schedule. It also allows our competitors a chance to recover from a bad result (or two), vehicle breakdowns, cancelled class time scores from red flags, getting stuck on entry wait lists, weather delays scrubbing events, and perhaps most importantly, will allow for those untimely work/family/life events that all too often cause many racers to miss events each season.

The NORRC Series continues to score competitors based on each individual’s cumulative time variance results, achieved by competing in all current US-based ORR events within a single season.

For 2021, NORRC Series competition includes official scoring results from the following ORR events: Texas, Nevada Open Road Challenge (NORC), Sandhills Open Road Challenge (SORC), SORC’s Loup 2 Loup (L2L), and the Silver State Classic Challenge (SSCC).

In summary, to compete for a NORRC Series National Championship title, a racer may be a combination of both driver, co-driver, or navigator, but must drive in at least one leg in at least three of five ORR events in a single season to be eligible to win the NORRC Series National Championship title. Each drivers best three eligible time variance results per season will be used to determine who wins the National Championship title.

Please note, the NORRC Series is not in charge of official timing and scoring results calculated and published by each individual ORR organization. Nor do we control, nor have any input, on selection of race entries in each ORR event. However, we do utilize the officially posted event results from these organizations for our cumulative scoring model, based on individual participant scored times posted from each racing event.

These individual event timing and scoring results are then cumulatively compiled by the NORRC Series, and used only for the specific purpose of determining our NORRC Series National Championship rankings.