Welcome to the National Open Road Racing Championship (NORRC) Series.

We are an organization comprised of Open Road Racing (ORR) drivers, navigators, race officials, and volunteers who actively participate in and support all of the current Open Road Racing events held annually throughout the United States.

The purpose of the NORRC is to bring members of the ORR community together in a consolidated effort to increase cross-participation in all current annual US Open Road Racing events, and to link them together into a National ORR Championship Series.

The overall goal of the NORRC is to actively support the continued growth and success of all individually owned and operated ORR events. We seek to encourage greater numbers of individual participants to enter more than one or two events per year.

The NORRC offers ORR competitors who enter all four racing events each year the chance to compete for an official National ORR Championship Series title. For those who cannot make all four events, we also offer a category for NORRC Best 3 of 4 title.

The ongoing efforts of the NORRC Series are focused on bringing the overall ORR community together as a whole, creating greater competitor participation rates, enhanced media coverage, new sponsor interest, and overall continued future success and longevity for the entire sport of ORR.

The NORRC in no way claims to represent either ownership or management interests in the existing ORR events we support and participate in. Each event is the sole property of the individual organizations, and is managed by their Board of Directors. We support them as racers, volunteers, and in some cases, organization event staffers.

If you are interested in learning more about Open Road Racing, and would like to find out how to enter an ORR event, please visit our ORR Events page.

If you want to learn more about the NORRC Series, or would like to sign up to compete for the 2021 National Open Road Racing Championship Series title, or our NORRC Best 3 of 4 Series title, please interact with us directly via this site and join the competition.

We welcome all driving enthusiasts into our world of Open Road Racing, the ultimate legal competitive driving challenge for extreme time, speed, and distance racing.